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I have spent some time examining the documents from Nourish and EDLONG and have five of my own food trends for 2022.

Sustainable Living

We care about the environment as consumers and want to have a clear idea of what the food industry are doing within their own business about it.

Authentic and Transparent Brands

More and more often people who are purchasing something want to know more about the business that they are purchasing from and this is something that I feel will happen even more so in 2022.

They will want to know the story behind the business, but also they will want to know that the brand that they are purchasing from also aligns with their own personal values and beliefs.

Plant-based Food Options

The consumers at the moment are more concerned with the environment than ever before and will be seeking out more plant-based options, and food brands will need to get innovative with them so that they have an authentic taste.

More Home Grown Food

Consumers are becoming more aware of the need for sustainable living and are creating their own gardens so that they can have that fresh produce. However, this also filters into the food industry who they purchase from and that they are becoming more aware with locally produced products.

Growth in Food Products that Promote Gut Health

Consumers are becoming more understanding of their health, and more conscious of the food choices that they are making. And as result, this means that they are beginning to look deeper into gut health and how to achieve this. They will be looking at products that promote this and seeking out a deeper understanding of the food labels and what information this will be sharing.

These are just five food trends for 2022 that I predict, but I highly suggest you take the time to examine the documents from Nourish and EDLONG.