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A Warm Tastebuddies Welcome

A Warm Tastebuddies Welcome to our updated website and blog.

I’m a passionate food technologist, nutritionist and creator of new food products.

My happy place is my kitchen.

My pre-kids working life was brainstorming ideas with marketing teams, creating new food concepts, upscaling kitchen bench ideas and working odd hours in food factories trialling 200kg batches of our new products. I’ve been covered in mayonnaise from burst pipes, washed and spun dry thousands of salad leaves, made the longest, multi-flavoured-multi-coloured killer python ever and created flavour libraries from sweet juicy mango to rich, dark chocolate flavours.


Fast Moving Consumer Goods. Multinationals. It was hectic and fun.

Fast forward a few years and back in the food industry again but this time I specialised in the areas of food labelling, nutrition information panels, Australian food regulations, nutrition claims and regulatory affairs compliance.

Local farmers markets

After visiting some local farmers markets one weekend and chatting with a bunch of food stalls owners, I realised that so many food entrepreneurs struggle with the food labels, nutrition panels and claims and were overwhelmed by all the legal documents and food law jargon.

Most products I picked up had some minor food labelling errors and occasionally I came across major allergen issues. We worked through re-labelling some of these products and so my food labelling consultancy began.

I love the buzz of assisting passionate foodies to get their new product ideas and concepts out into the markets. I love seeing their label designs at colour proof final signoff. And mostly I love knowing that I’ve helped these food entrepreneurs take their dreams and made them into real food products. To be tasted and enjoyed. A food product to be proud of.

What’s this all about?

This blog is going to be a sharing of the latest food regulation updates, tips and tricks of food labelling, insights into new product development and updates on the new Country of Origin labelling that comes into effect 1 July 2018.

I’ve got loads to share.

I want food startups, food entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow and learn and hopefully dodge some of the common rookie mistakes.

Stay connected

Don’t miss out on all the new content I’m creating that all food entrepreneurs will love. I’ll be sharing my favourite links to Food Regulation User Guides, like the ones here and some damn exciting tools to make food labelling easier.


Templates and checklists to simplify food law compliance and get your product on the shelf faster and without overwhelm.

I’d love to know what areas of food labelling make you giddy.  Contact me here