About Roslyn Anderson

Roslyn is a degree-qualified food regulatory specialist and accredited nutritionist supporting food businesses,  entrepreneurs and importers getting their food labels compliant with Food Standards Code Australian and New Zealand (FSANZ).

Apart from food and nutrition, Roslyn has a passion for  cooking which began when she was 4 years old and encouraged by her grandmother and mother to cook with the fresh produce from their farm garden and fruit orchard. She still grows her own herbs, vegetables and has 3 chickens in her inner city garden.

With over 300 cookbooks in her collection, she’s a wee bit obsessed with food, recipes and cooking. Roslyn finds inspiration to try new ingredients,  nutritional eating styles or the latest multicultural dishes from around the globe. Her family are the recipients of many recipe trials, such as paleo, keto, gluten-free, sugar-free, grain-free, vegan or 9v9 and share in the celebrations and mishaps!

Industry Experience

She has worked in the food industry for nearly 30 years and her past roles as food technologist, product development manager, nutritionist and regulatory affairs specialist involved developing and supporting many new food products to markets, online and retail supermarkets.

She has worked with FMCG, international fast food chains, food importers and farmers market food entrepreneurs.

She has assisted in food law and regulatory support to a wide range of client types in virtually every food product category such as bakery, granolas, condiments, confectionery, fresh cut fruit and vegetables, krauts, salads, snack foods, jams and preserves, sauces and dressings, meats and dietary supplements.

Roslyn is also not just skilled in food label regulatory compliance, but is also a specialist in Foodworks nutritional database, an industry tool used to develop ingredient lists and nutrition information panels.

Roslyn has written recipes for magazines & cookbooks both in Australia, UK and The Netherlands and worked as a food editor for Australian cookbooks.


  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Food Science & Nutrition)
  • Advanced Diploma of Nutritional Medicine
  • Diploma of Nutrition

Food Regulatory Affairs Training

Keeping up to date with the changing food laws and regulatory affairs environment is a must in the food industry.

Here is some of her training and professional development to keep updated.

  • Dec 2018: AFGC e-PIF 6.0 Workshop
  • Oct 2018: Food Labelling Workshop
  • Jun 2018: Foodworks 9.0 Country of Origin Labelling
  • May 2018:Food Marketing Compliance Workshop
  • Nov 2017: Health Claims Workshop
  • Oct 2017: Country of Origin Webinar
  • Oct 2017: Shelf Life Determination on Food
  • Sept 2017: Characterising Ingredients can also be a marketing tool
  • Mar 2017: RSPO (Round Table for Sustainable Palm Oil) and GreenPalm
  • Mar 2017: Halal Awareness
  • Mar 2017: PIF 6.0 Workshop
  • Mar 2017: Hamilton Grant PIF Industry Workshop
  • Mar 2017: Country of Origin
  • Mar 2017: Food Import / Export
  • Mar 2017: Country of Origin Labelling
  • Nov 2016: Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council  – Industry Briefing Day
  • June 2016: New country of origin labelling compliance
  • Feb 2016: FoodWorks 8 Foundations
  • Sept 2015: FoodWorks 8 Basic Training
  • Aug 2015: Clean Labelling and Marketing Strategies
  • April 2015: new Food Standards Code
  • May 2015: Allergen Management and VITAL
  • April 2008: Sydney Allergen Bureau Conference
  • 2005 Food Allergen Symposium

Professional Associations


I recently had the pleasure of working with Roslyn from – Tastebuddies Food & Nutrition.  We are a startup business and were very overwhelmed with the legal requirements for labelling our food product/s, Roslyn was extremely helpful from the first phone conversation, which made us feel at ease knowing we had an experienced knowledgable professional working with us. Roslyn was very organised and structured which made the process of the job much easier to understand and achieve the desired result.

After starting to work with Roslyn we were so pleased and comfortable, we began to work on another project together to ensure our product we were developing was compliant also.

I would absolutely recommend Roslyn from Tastebuddies Food & Nutrition to anyone with any stage of their labelling, even if it is just to look over it. – Trust us by saying, it is not worth not getting a label consultant to sign off on your labels. Thanks again Roslyn

Jamie Pratt, Lean Blend

Thank you Roslyn for making this journey to completing my product labels so smooth & efficient.

I appreciate your knowledge and expertise in this area and felt so confident that my labels would be compliant.

As a new raw food business it was daunting to look at doing this myself and I was worried that I might miss something and risk noncompliance.

I felt you were very thorough, especially when you followed up with the suppliers of my raw ingredients when you found their labels to be noncompliant for Australia.

The report you provided with the nutrition panel and all of the supporting information that had to be listed on the labels, with specifications of how and where, made it all really clear and easy for my designer to follow.

Thanks again! Top job! I will be recommending your services

Nicky Pullen, Founder Green Goodness Love