Tastebuddies Clean Labelling

Clean Labelling

“Clean label” food refers to food or drink products made from a small number of natural, wholesome, easily recognisable ingredients

Consumers are becoming increasingly health-conscious, leading them to favour ‘natural’ foods over artificial alternatives!

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Tastebuddies Importance of Food Labels

Importance of Food Labels

5 Real-life Stories That Reveal How Important Your Food Labels Are

It’s exciting, right? You’ve been working on your amazing, brand-new food product idea and now you’re almost ready for it to hit the shelves. There’s just one small issue left to organise – the packaging.

After only a few minutes of research, you’re swirling in a soup of regulations. There’s what you have to put on the label. There’s what you can’t put on the label. There’s ‘use by dates’ and ‘countries of origin’ and more rules than you could squeeze into your cooking pot.
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