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What is Food Regulation?

In this blog, we ould be able to discuss the in-depth business importance of knowing what is Food Regulation.

Today I spoke to a new client who has been busy developing her product for the last 2 years. A food consultant has assisted her, she has a contract packer ready to make her food product and is now ready to sit down with her designer to create the labels.

As she was explaining her call for help, the anguish she has been through, and the product development roller coaster she had been riding, she became teary and sounded downright exhausted. The overwhelm of the process had taken its toll.

And one of the things that she said stuck in my mind. She told me that only last week she discovered that Food Standards Code existed.

She felt like such a fool to spend 2 years developing a product and not know about the food regulations and food laws to comply to.

I realized that there must be many more food entrepreneurs and food startups in the same situation.

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