Food Labelling Services

With nearly 30 years experience in the food industry as a food technologist, product developer & nutritionist, Roslyn Anderson is an expert Australian food labelling consultant and can assist food entrepreneurs, food companies, small food producers, market stall, restaurants and cafes with nutritional labelling, food label compliance advice and nutritional analysis.

Food Labelling

Whether you are a food company, small food producer or selling products at a Farmers Market, the food labelling requirements in the Food Standards Code (from Food Standards Australia NZ) are the same. We can assist you in creating reliable, accurate, cost effective, nutritional labelling and writing food labels for your products.

Getting your food labels right on your first print run will reduce costs, get your product in the market quicker and reduce your risk of a food recall.

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Nutrition Information Panel

On our initial, complimentary call we can advise on the most appropriate method of analysing your food product that best suits your product and your future product development requirements.

We will decide together if your products need to be sent to a food laboratory for nutrition testing or analysed using the most up-to-date Australian food nutritional database.

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Country of Origin

From July 2018, the Country of Origin Food (CoOL) Labelling scheme becomes mandatory for many retail foods. The new Country of Origin Information Standard requires both locally produced and imported foods considered priority foods, to be labelled with the new Country of Origin information and logos. This includes   a kangaroo symbol, bar chart with % Australian ingredients and a CoOL text statement in a defined box.

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Food Label Review  

We provide Food Label Reviews for Australian produced packaged food products as well as Imported Label Compliance Reviews for businesses wishing to import food products from overseas.

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Product Development 

We have the expertise and experience to advise you on product development projects, set product criteria and parameters and create technical documentation to satisfy your HACCP requirements.

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Menu Nutrition Analysis

Healthy eating and wellness are key trends for many consumers and top-of-mind when eating out.  Food choices, healthy options and nutrition information on menus can give a marketing edge to your cafe or restaurant. Let your diners know which menu items are vegan, dairy-free or gluten-free.

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