About to print your labels? You need our FREE Food Label Checklist

Something that I often hear from clients is that they can’t possibly create their own food labels themselves.

Well, you are more than capable in creating your own food labels for that business of yours.

Are you wanting to learn the basics of food labelling for your own food product business? YES!

Do you have the time to do your own food labelling? YES!

Do you want to do the food labelling yourself? YES!

Then you will want to complete the Food Label Basics Project in one day, and it will give you a really great overview of where to begin for everything and it will assist you in building your foundational knowledge when it comes to food labels.

You can definitely outsource your food labels to me if you don’t want to do them or have the time. And I will work alongside you to create them!

BUT labelling your food products doesn’t have to be in the too hard basket. Instead with my Food Label Basics Project we will take the stress and overwhelm, and everything you need to do will be in one easy to access place.

This is perfect for you if you:

  • Don’t know where to start with your food labels
  • Are overwhelmed by the government websites
  • Don’t know where or how to start the food label
  • Can’t decipher the food law jargon
  • Don’t understand what applies to your product
  • Feel like nobody tells you how to do it

Then, let’s get you started.

I will show you:

  • Where to start with your food labels
  • How to navigate the websites and reduce that overwhelm
  • Help you learn the jargon so it becomes like a second language to you

Not quite ready for the course, then my checklist might be perfect for you to start with!