Product Development

We have the expertise and experience to advise you on product development projects, set product criteria and parameters and create technical documentation to satisfy your HACCP requirements.

We can assist with:

  • New or existing products, line extensions, new flavour ranges
  • Write Product Specifications, Product Information Forms (PIF’s)
  • Sulphite calculations
  • Nutritional product formulation – developing food products to make them healthier (e.g. removed additives, lower salt, higher fibre, higher protein, low G.I.) or to meet a desired nutritional claim (e.g. 97% fat free, Good Source of Protein) or vitamin and mineral requirements for supplementary foods
  • Assisting with the design of products for people with specific dietary needs (Vegan, Lactose-Free)
  • Advising on consumer nutritional trends

Contact us for further information on product development