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No Added Sugar Claims

Sugar has many names, many disguises.  It is important to be able to read and understand the ingredients of your products when making a sugar claim. No Added Sugar Claims? Sugar can be hiding in a raw material that you weren’t even aware of.

No Added Sugar has become a popular claim on food products to satisfy the needs of consumers who have quit sugar, on a low carb or Ketogenic diet.

When can I claim No Added Sugar?

FSANZ outlines you can only claim No Added Sugar when the food contains:

  • no added sugars*, honey, malt, or malt extracts

or the

  • food contains no added concentrated fruit juice or deionized fruit juice.

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A Warm Tastebuddies Welcome

A Warm Tastebuddies Welcome to our updated website and blog.

I’m a passionate food technologist, nutritionist and creator of new food products.

My happy place is my kitchen.

My pre-kids working life was brainstorming ideas with marketing teams, creating new food concepts, upscaling kitchen bench ideas and working odd hours in food factories trialling 200kg batches of our new products. I’ve been covered in mayonnaise from burst pipes, washed and spun dry thousands of salad leaves, made the longest, multi-flavoured-multi-coloured killer python ever and created flavour libraries from sweet juicy mango to rich, dark chocolate flavours.

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