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Ten Essential Criteria For PEAL for Australia & NZ

Food Standards (Proposal P1044 – Plain English Allergen Labelling) Variation is the latest update to the food regulations in Australia & New Zealand and will affect all food & drink products that require an allergen statement based on the Ten Essential Criteria For PEAL for Australia & NZ. To help consumers, all allergen information must to be declared in simple, plain English terms and in a specified format and location.

Businesses have 3 years to comply with the new requirements which is the Ten Essential Criteria for Plain English Allergen Labelling (February 2024) and have until February 2026 to sell out any remining old stock.


Plain English Allergen Labelling (PEAL)

Plain English Allergen Labelling (PEAL)

So here’s the top ten PEAL changes:

1. Plain English terms using specified names of allergens

2. Specific format of the Statement of Ingredients

3. Bolding of allergens in Statement of Ingredients

4. Allergens in processing aids must be declared

5. Specific format of the allergen Summary Statement

6. Allergen Summary Statement co-located with Ingredient Statement

7. New rules for gluten containing cereals

8. Term ‘tree nuts’ no longer used – nine nuts to declare

9. Term ‘shellfish’ removed

10. Mollusc is a new allergen category


Ten Essential Criteria for PEAL Ten Essential Criteria for PEAL Ten Essential Criteria for PEAL Ten Essential Criteria for PEAL


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This is general information rather than regulatory advice. We therefore recommend you seek further advice that takes into account your particular ingredients, products, processing, packaging and other circumstances before making commercial decisions for your business.