Working with Roslyn has been an absolute pleasure. She is very attentive to details, provides a comprehensive service, shares additional suggestions proactively and always stays on top of the ever-changing food labelling guidelines. I highly recommend Tastebuddies.

Marcin Pasznicki , Made with Plants

Highly recommend Tastebuddies for all your food label compliance needs. Quick, efficient and delivered on time. Roslyn went above and beyond to suggest appropriate alterations to marketing claims which was was greatly appreciated.

Jonathan Chilcott, Marlo Wellness

Roslyn is great to work with and extremely knowledgeable – we can highly recommend working with Tastebuddies!

Anna Brandt, Veganz

It’s reassuring to work with someone who provides up to date knowledge & expertise in this field. I will be coming back to Roslyn when I add to my range.

Sharon Scull, Rock The Shazbah

It was an absolute pleasure working with Roslyn. She has such a wealth of knowledge and was able to support us the whole way through the labelling process as well as answer all the questions I threw her way.

Natalie Harris, Danny Balboa’s Sauce Co

Roslyn is extremely diligent and knowledgeable in her field. She helped us with labelling our food product providing us with professional advice through the process. We saved a lot of time but also learned a lot along the way. I would highly recommend using Roslyn’s services for all food labelling needs.

Ludovic Geyer, Bistro Papillon

As a startup venturing into the daunting world of food packaging for the first time, Roslyn was a wealth of knowledge. She helped me navigate all the legal requirements surrounding food labelling and explained them in practical terms. Roslyn will be the first person I contact in future. I highly recommend her services.

Bree Hutchins, Holistic Kitchen

Roslyn is incredibly easy to work with. She has a good understanding of our businesses regulatory needs and provides a solution in a timely and thorough manner. As we do not have a an internal team, we rely on Roslyn to provide guidance and recommendations on our packaging. She is up-to-date with the latest changes in the code and is proactive in ensuring we remain complaint.  I highly recommend working with Roslyn.

Ricky Rosen, Epik Brands

Being from a farming background, moving into a retail market space was daunting. Roslyn from Tastebuddies, made the process of ensuring we complied with packaging regulations and requirements simple. Having Roslyn handle the regulatory requirements with packaging and labelling, ingredients and nutritional information – allowed us to focus on what we do best – create amazing, fresh products for the consumer.

Tahirih McLeod, Dicky Bill Aust

Launching a new food business I was completely clueless about my food label obligations. Acting upon a recommendation I contacted Roslyn and she explained it all to me in a straightforward and easy to understand way. Within no time she had me sorted with all I needed to comply and I would happily recommend her services to anyone.

Ben Brown, Joseph & Ann Macarons

I had the pleasure of working with Roslyn from Tastebuddies. On my brand Aunty’s Ginger Tonic. When I first contacted Roslyn, it was my first time. I’d decided to go into manufacturing my product. I had little knowledge about labelling regulation and manufacturing process but Roslyn was extremely helpful and generous during the entire process of my packaging, labelling and manufacturing my product. She happily offers her time to give me advises and share with me her knowledge and skills from her experience in working with food and beverage background.
I would absolutely recommend Roslyn from Tastebuddies to anyone with any stage of their labelling. If you’re a startup or even established business I would recommend Roslyn to your business.  She is a wonderful person to work with she’s very passionate about what she does and she’s very good at it, especially when it comes to products and fulfilled in the labelling requirement. She’s not the kind of person that does all the talking and leave you to do all the work alone.  But rather she works with you. I am extremely grateful that Roslyn is my label consultant.

Yarie Bangura, Aunty’s Ginger Tonic

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Roslyn from – Tastebuddies.  We are a startup business and were very overwhelmed with the legal requirements for labelling our food product/s, Roslyn was extremely helpful from the first phone conversation, which made us feel at ease knowing we had an experienced knowledgeable professional working with us. Roslyn was very organized and structured which made the process of the job much easier to understand and achieve the desired result.

After starting to work with Roslyn we were so pleased and comfortable, we began to work on another project together to ensure our product we were developing was compliant also.

I would absolutely recommend Roslyn from Tastebuddies to anyone with any stage of their labelling, even if it is just to look over it. – Trust us by saying, it is not worth not getting a label consultant to sign off on your labels. Thanks again Roslyn

Jamie Pratt, Lean Blend

For 16 years Doodles Creek has produced mayonnaise, dressings, relishes and pasta sauces and sold the product all over Australia with some export sales.  Labelling is one of those jobs that I am nervous about but Roslyn has worked with me to ensure our labels are compliant to the FSANZ code.  Roslyn is patient and knowledgeable and was happy to teach me changes to labelling requirements.  Recently, at a social event I explained that I had received an order from the UK for my products but the labels needed to be changed to have sulphites marked in the ingredient list. Roslyn explained this was only the case for a product had more than 10ppm sulphites in them, great help over a glass of bubbly which saved me having to change all but one of my labels.

Sarah Ross, Doodles Creek

Thank you Roslyn for making this journey to completing my product labels so smooth & efficient.

I appreciate your knowledge and expertise in this area and felt so confident that my labels would be compliant.

As a new raw food business it was daunting to look at doing this myself and I was worried that I might miss something and risk noncompliance.

I felt you were very thorough, especially when you followed up with the suppliers of my raw ingredients when you found their labels to be noncompliant for Australia.

The report you provided with the nutrition panel and all of the supporting information that had to be listed on the labels, with specifications of how and where, made it all really clear and easy for my designer to follow.

Thanks again! Top job! I will be recommending your services

Nicky Pullen, Founder Green Goodness Love

Roslyn was extremely helpful during the entire process of converting our packaging from US to AUS labels.  She was informative when answering any questions that arose during the process and was efficient and precise in her response. We would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to ensure their packaging meets Australian packaging regulations and requirements!

Michelle Reilly, Second Spring/Everspring Farms, Canada

Thank you for your wonderful assistance with this project.  I am happy to say that we have successfully passed inspection today.

I felt very confident with your work and you completely made me feel reassured throughout the whole process.  You will be my first point of contact in future and I will most certainly be using your services again.

Linda Paterson, GAPS Australia

We launch next weekend at Meatstock BBQ festival, very exciting. We’ve outsourced our manufacturing now and they provide all our labelling. Thanks for your support in getting us off the ground.

Mark Saint, The Chilli Effect

I am very happy that I found you. Once this product is established, I am hoping to do develop some other healthy type food products and I will definitely come back to you for guidance.

Fenella Jayawickreme, Healthy Whey Foods

When buying an unfamiliar business, we quickly realised our industry knowledge was deficient and we became completely overwhelmed when we had to construct our Food Safety Program.

After seeking your services we quickly realised you possessed exceptional industry knowledge. With your clear expertise in the areas we needed, you were extremely thorough and definitely went the extra mile for us. As we continue to move ahead – we certainly will be contacting you again and would encourage other prospective or current food business owners to utilise your vast skills

Bruce Severin, Hume Country Mill

Roslyn recently helped us with our food labelling project. She was a pleasure to work with, very well organised, knowledgeable and met every deadline along the way. Happy to recommend her services, especially to anyone unfamiliar to the industry as we were.

Rob Abboud, Hungry Traveller Co

Roslyn was so knowledgeable and helpful with figuring out the labelling for my dressings. She was an absolute pleasure to deal with and I highly recommend her service. Her expert and professional advise really reflects that she has a sincere and deep knowledge of nutrition and the food industry.

Aleks Stojanovic, Spilu Foods

We had the pleasure of working with Roslyn from – Tastebuddies Food & Nutrition. Our company needed help navigating food standards and Roslyn made sure we were well informed and ticked the boxes. Roslyn is a knowledgeable professional who made things easy for us.

Strongly recommend Roslyn from Tastebuddies to anyone with any stage of their labelling.

Brayden Zeer, Wirdiny